Addison Richmond Consulting believes some of the best solutions and strategies are counterintuitive to popular thinking or generally accepted wisdom. This point of view helps us provide ideas and strategy from a unique perspective. We are a counterintuitive consulting firm.

We help organizations with strategy, direction, and growth initiatives. We work in collaboration with you to create higher levels of performance and greater value.  Your people and resources are involved in the process and we then transfer our knowledge to you, helping you develop the skills and processes needed for future success. We contribute to your business goals by working toward specific objectives with clearly established outcomes and timings. Our engagements are usually completed within one to six months.

Improved performance requires investment in people, processes, and technology.  That investment, however, does not require more people or throwing money at the issue.  The best way to improve performance and grow the business is by leveraging the skills, knowledge and energy of your existing resources or improving in education and capabilities of your talented people.  We have found this helps focus your actions, improves the internal organization and in turn brings a higher level of satisfaction to your clients and customers which helps you attain your business goals.

How can we help you?
Christopher McCarthy
Managing Director
Addison Richmond Consulting, LLC
Phone (203) 455-4628
E-Mail christopher@addisonrichmond.com
Web www.addisonrichmond.com
Blog addisonrichmond.wordpress.com

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