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Inept Management always astounds me.  I know it shouldn’t, but I am continually amazed by brainless managers.  I will admit, it is a nice source of amusement.Moron

A friend of mine works the third shift in a services business.  If he takes a personal day or sick day in any given week, and works more than 32 hours in the remaining 4 days, he loses the sick or vacation pay.  One week he took a sick day and worked 32 hours and 27 minutes and was denied his sick day pay.    He was infuriated. He was so mad he found another job, and I don’t blame him.

Now the company has to spend time and money to find a replacement.  Not really an easy task because his position requires a unique combination of accounting and customer service skills.  If they don’t find someone right away, they are going to end up paying someone else on staff the overtime to cover his shift.  Then they need to spend the time and money to train the new employee and are now essentially paying two people to do the same job until they are comfortable with the new hires ability.  The neophyte employee is likely to make mistakes or make less than optimal decisions which will cost the company even more money.

When you manage a business to the bottom line – implementing policies and procedure to ensure a target revenue or profit margin you will invariably demean and impersonalize your employees who make that revenue happen.  So rather than spend the extra $20 for 27 minutes of overtime, this company winds up spending $20,000, and loses a trusted and loyal employee.  There is short-sighted management and then there is blind stupidity.  These people are just plain obtuse.